How to choose a household oxygen generator? What are the brands of oxygen concentrators?

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more attention is paid to health. As an important family health product, oxygen concentrator can improve the physiological and biochemical internal environment of the human body by supplying oxygen to the human body, and promote the virtuous cycle of the metabolic process, so as to treat diseases, relieve symptoms, and promote recovery. The purpose of preventing disease and improving health.

How to choose a household oxygen generator?  What are the brands of oxygen concentrators?

However, there are many household oxygen concentrators in the market, and many consumers do not know how to buy them. Today, let’s briefly talk about how to choose a household oxygen concentrator.


When choosing, you should pay attention to the following items:

1. What type of oxygen generator to choose?

According to the oxygen generation principle of the oxygen generator, the oxygen generator is mainly divided into: the principle of molecular sieve, the principle of polymer oxygen-enriched membrane, the principle of electrolysis of water, the principle of oxygen generation by chemical reaction, and so on. Among them, the molecular sieve oxygen generator is the only mature oxygen generator that has both international and national standards. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a molecular sieve oxygen generator as much as possible.


2. The oxygen concentration of the oxygen generator must meet the standard

   Different oxygen generators have different oxygen concentrations. In order to ensure long-term use and therapeutic effects, it is recommended to choose an oxygen generator that meets the required oxygen concentration standard of 93%±3 in my country.


3. How to choose the maximum oxygen flow rate of the oxygen generator?

   The maximum oxygen flow rate of the oxygen generator per minute determines the oxygen inhalation effect. Generally speaking, 1L and 2L oxygen generators can only achieve health care effects and have no therapeutic value. Oxygen generators above 3L can achieve the therapeutic effect.


4. Continuous oxygen supply time

Oxygen concentrators used for therapeutic effects must be able to reach the technical indicators of uninterrupted operation for 24 hours. Therefore, an oxygen concentrator that can supply oxygen for a long time should be selected to avoid failing to achieve the therapeutic effect.


5. The size of the noise in the oxygen production process

When choosing an oxygen generator, you must consider the noise of the oxygen generator. If the noise of the oxygen generator is loud, it may affect the rest of the patient and others. Especially if you need to supply oxygen for a long time, you must choose a low-noise oxygen generator .


What are the better brands of oxygen concentrators in the market?

1. Lepu

Founded in 1999, Lepu is one of the earliest companies engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of cardiovascular interventional medical devices in my country. It was one of the first listed companies on the GEM in 2009 and is one of the few domestic high-end medical devices that can form strong competition with foreign products. One of the enterprises.


2. Diving

Yuyue is the largest domestic professional manufacturer of rehabilitation nursing, medical oxygen supply and medical clinical series of medical equipment, and it is highly accepted by domestic consumers. However, there is still a certain distance between the core technology and some brands.


3. Connaught

Xinnuo is a well-known medical-grade medical supplies brand in the United States. Its products include: oxygen generators, nebulizers, blood pressure monitors and other medical equipment products.


4. Philips Weiwei Kang

Owned to the medical division of Philips, its oxygen generator uses high-performance compressors and internal high-quality components, which are resistant to shock, strong vibration, and high and low temperature.


5. Invicom

In the domestic market before, Invicom's reputation was good, but now Invicom has withdrawn from the Chinese market, and the oxygen concentrator products sold now are all in stock.


6. Omron

Omron is a Japanese brand whose products mainly cover the three high areas, respiratory diseases, and health promotion areas. The prices of general products are relatively high.


In the choice of household oxygen concentrators, domestic technological development has made great progress, and it is not inferior to imported products. Well-known domestic medical device brands such as Lepu and Yuyue have high cost performance and high product quality assurance.

How to choose a household oxygen generator?  What are the brands of oxygen concentrators?

Lepujiayang oxygen generator


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