You will find here electronic copies of Instructions for Use / Manual for selected Lepucare products to which European Regulation No. 207/2012 has been applied. You can download the actual Instruction Manual for your product, up to 10 years at least after purchase.

All documents are available to download as PDF files. To read them, you must have Adobe Reader*installed on your computer. If necessary, click here to download Adobe Reader for free.

You can contact Lepucare to ask for the paper form of one of the listed e-IFU's.
Please check the Serial Number or lot number of your product to determine the version of the Instruction for Use / Manual that you should refer to.

Product NameIFU Revision / Issue DateLanguagee-IFU
Infrared Forehead Thermometer LFR30BVersion:A1 /Release date:2021-03-31EN(Click to download)e-IFU
Infrared Forehead Thermometer LFR50&60Version:A0 /Release date:2020-07-04EN(Click to download)e-IFU
Automatic Arm Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor LBP70 series

Version:A1/Release  date:2021-05-11

Version:A2 /Release date:2021-09-26

EN(Click to download)

EN(Click to download)

Digital Thermometer LMT12 seriesVersion:A0 /Release date:2021-06-04EN(Click to download)e-IFU
DigitalThermometer LMT10&11 seriesVersion:A0 /Release date:2021-05-26EN(Click to download)e-IFU