Can oxygen inhalation alleviate insomnia? Lepu gives you tips

Recently, Aunt Wang next door complained to me that she recently suffered from insomnia. Even if she falls asleep occasionally, she sleeps easily and easily wakes up. She often has headaches during the day and lacks concentration. Her children have also bought her various Chinese patent medicines that calm the nerves and help sleep. Not ideal, it's painful now.

It's easy to rest in bed, but it's hard to sleep! How to sleep well is a puzzle for many middle-aged and elderly people.

According to surveys, 27% of the world’s people have sleep problems of varying degrees. About 400 million people in my country suffer from sleep problems. Sleep problems have become a popular and younger health problem. Taking sleeping pills for a long time is not a good way. It is treated by Chinese medicine. It takes a long time to get results.

Long-term insomnia can also bury hidden dangers for physical and mental health and affect normal life. Therefore, we must pay attention to the problem of insomnia and improve it from all aspects of life.

Method 1: Develop a good daily routine

Try to avoid lunch breaks and reduce the time spent in bed during the day; go to bed at a fixed time, not play mobile phones in bed, and listen to exciting music. This method is also known as behavioral cognitive therapy. It is recognized as an effective method for treating insomnia, but it requires a high degree of personal cooperation and a long period of effectiveness.

Method 2: Create a pleasant and relaxing sleep atmosphere

The sleeping environment has a great influence on the quality of sleep. Before going to bed, you can play soothing and help sleep music, distribute essential oils that help sleep, and use a warm and soft night light. You can also change the curtains according to your mood and preferences. It is a style with strong shading, soft color and comfortable material. Conditions allow to strengthen the sound insulation effect of doors and windows, change yourself to a comfortable bed, and create a private and warm bedroom environment.

Method 3: Do not eat or drink before going to bed

Many people think that drinking a glass of milk or a small amount of red wine before going to bed can help sleep. It has been verified that although milk contains the sleep aid component 'tryptophan', the content of tryptophan in a glass of milk is not enough to help sleep. Instead, drinking milk before going to bed increases the burden on the stomach and affects sleep. The main component of red wine is alcohol. Although it can shorten the time to fall asleep under the action of alcohol to make people feel drowsy, it will affect the quality of sleep, resulting in the length of sleep and easy awakening in the middle of the night. Long-term drinking will form dependence and damage liver function. It seems that it's time to drink milk and red wine before going to bed to refute the rumors.

Method 4: Take sleeping pills when necessary

Many people with insomnia become discolored when talking about sleeping pills. Some people think that sleeping pills will be addictive; some people worry that taking sleeping pills for a long time will cause dementia. In fact, clinicians suggest that patients with insomnia do not necessarily need to take sleeping pills, but if insomnia has seriously affected daily work and life, they need to be treated with drugs. However, the drug will inevitably have side effects, so it is necessary to take the drug regularly, reduce or increase the dose, and stop the drug under the guidance of a specialist.

Method 5: Adhere to family oxygen therapy has many benefits

Insomnia is actually a nervous system dysfunction that leads to sympathetic hyperactivity, which leads to insufficient oxygen supply to the brain. Long-term adherence to home oxygen therapy can help increase blood oxygen content, so that the brain tissue can obtain sufficient oxygen supply, so that the reticulum system and brain stem The blood supply to the site is increased; at the same time, sufficient oxygen supply allows the brain tissue to obtain sufficient oxygen, improves the aerobic metabolism rate of the brain cells, increases the function and activity of the brain cells, and promotes the restoration of the disordered cerebral cortex function.

Can oxygen inhalation alleviate insomnia?  Lepu gives you tips


Home oxygen therapy is a relatively convenient and safe way to alleviate the problem of insomnia, but many people may not know more about oxygen concentrators, and they don’t know what factors to consider when purchasing an oxygen concentrator. In fact, these aspects of a good oxygen concentrator It is qualified.

1. Pay attention to the quality and service life of molecular sieve

At present, the oxygen generators on the market generally adopt the principle of molecular sieve oxygen generation, so the adsorption performance and service life of molecular sieves are very important. Imported molecular sieves have more advantages in quality. A good oxygen generator usually has molecular sieves that can work normally 3- 5 years.

2. Small size, fast heat dissipation

Household oxygen generators are medical health-preserving equipment, and more consideration should be given to machines with small size and ideal heat dissipation.

3. Choose a brand with quality assurance

When purchasing an oxygen concentrator, you must choose a manufacturer or brand with a certain strength and reputation. After-sales maintenance and replacement of parts for a household oxygen concentrator are very important. Only well-known manufacturers can guarantee sustainable development and future maintenance services.

4. Fast oxygen production, with cumulative oxygen production function

Stable oxygen output is a necessary performance of an oxygen generator. After starting up, the oxygen concentration can quickly reach above 90% concentration and stable output can meet the needs of disease treatment and health care. International standards require that the oxygen generator be equipped with a cumulative timer, which is also a manifestation of the quality of the product. The service life of a good oxygen generator should be guaranteed for tens of thousands of hours.

In addition to several good oxygen generators on the market, Lepu oxygen generator is a cost-effective product. It uses four-tower molecular sieve imported from France and has a service life of tens of thousands of hours. After booting, the oxygen concentration can reach more than 90% by express delivery, and the output will continue to be stable. The appearance design is exquisite and practical, touch-screen operation, precise flow control, accumulated recording time, low noise does not interfere with sleep, and 100 meters through the wall for easy operation. Big-brand quality, good products that consumers can trust.

Based on the oxygen generator, Lepu Medical and national chain pharmacies have jointly created thousands of free oxygen inhalation experience areas. After learning about it, Aunt Wang went to the store to inhale oxygen every day, twice a day, 30 times each time. -60 minutes, after a while, Aunt Wang happily told me that his sleep quality has greatly improved and he will continue to take oxygen in the future.



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