Did you choose the right home sphygmomanometer? Many people have chosen the wrong one!

With the improvement of living standards, there are more and more patients with hypertension, and they are becoming younger and younger. Because hypertensive patients need to take regular blood pressure measurements, it is also troublesome to always go to the hospital to measure blood pressure, especially for elderly people with limited mobility. Therefore, home sphygmomanometers have become an essential home product for many hypertensive patients.

However, there are many types of sphygmomanometers in the market, including electronic sphygmomanometers, mercury sphygmomanometers, barometer sphygmomanometers, upper arm sphygmomanometers, wrist sphygmomanometers, etc. Many people do not know which one is better when choosing. , Therefore, often choose the wrong one. So, how to choose a home sphygmomanometer? Let's take a look together.


1. How to choose several types of sphygmomanometers?

Currently, there are three main types of sphygmomanometers in the market: mercury sphygmomanometers, barometer sphygmomanometers, and electronic sphygmomanometers.

Mercury sphygmomanometer: This kind of sphygmomanometer needs to be used with a stethoscope, which requires a relatively high degree of professionalism of the measurer and is difficult to operate. Moreover, mercury is a toxic heavy metal. Improper use and storage may cause poisoning due to leakage. It is not recommended for household use.

Barometer type sphygmomanometer: The barometer type sphygmomanometer should be calibrated frequently with the mercury column type sphygmomanometer, at least once every six months, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of reading due to its mechanical device failure, and it is relatively troublesome to use at home.

Electronic sphygmomanometer: Experts at home and abroad agree that for family self-blood pressure monitoring, it is preferred to use a proven upper-arm medical electronic sphygmomanometer, because electronic sphygmomanometers have low requirements for measurement expertise and are simple to operate, which can avoid human errors. Moreover, some electronic sphygmomanometers also have their own voice broadcast function, which can send out early warnings based on the blood pressure measurement results, which is very suitable for elderly people with high blood pressure.


2. How to choose finger type, wrist type and upper arm type?

Electronic sphygmomanometers in the market are mainly divided into three types: finger type, wrist type, and upper arm type. The finger type has the largest measurement error and is generally not recommended. Secondly, the wrist measurement error is also large, and the operation requirements are also high. It can be used as an alternative due to special circumstances, but it is not recommended as a routine blood pressure measurement tool in the home.

Among the three types of electronic sphygmomanometers, the upper arm electronic sphygmomanometer is recommended. This sphygmomanometer is suitable for a wide range of people, and not only has small errors, but also is convenient and simple to operate. It will be easy to learn, even if there is no professional measurement level. Measure the reading.

Did you choose the right home sphygmomanometer?  Many people have chosen the wrong one!

3. Tips for selecting sphygmomanometers

(1) Choose a big brand

Although there are many brands of electronic sphygmomanometers in the market, many of them are not up to standard. Therefore, when selecting, you must choose big brands, such as Lepu and Yuyue. Big-brand blood pressure monitors are not only guaranteed in quality, accurate in measurement data, but also more intimate after-sales.

(2) Choose smart

Electronic sphygmomanometers should be intelligent and easy to operate, especially those with elderly people at home. Smart electronic sphygmomanometers can help users better measure and use.

(3) Choose the one with warning function

When an electronic blood pressure monitor with a warning function is in use, if the blood pressure is too high or too low, it will give an alarm and remind it, which is very friendly to middle-aged and elderly users.

(4) Choose the one with memory function

An electronic sphygmomanometer with memory function, which can save the results of the user's blood pressure measurement within a period of time, so that the measurer can know his own blood pressure value in a recent period of time.

(5) Choose a type that can monitor heart rate in real time

It is reported that the risk of heart failure in hypertensive patients is more than three times that of non-hypertensive patients. The higher the blood pressure level, the higher the incidence of heart failure; the younger the patient, the greater the risk of heart failure. More than 50% of patients with heart failure have hypertension. Choosing a sphygmomanometer that can monitor heart rate in real time can increase the chance of detecting cardiovascular diseases.

(6) Choose those certified by an authoritative organization

Sphygmomanometers are medical equipment, not ordinary electronic products. Be sure to choose the relevant qualifications such as the 'Medical Device Product Registration Certificate' when purchasing, and do not buy unqualified products.


There are many brands of electronic sphygmomanometers in the market, but not every one of them meets the above functions. Here we recommend a cost-effective sphygmomanometer with the above functions-Lepujia Arm Sphygmomanometer. This sphygmomanometer uses a unique monitor algorithm that can cope with a variety of complex clinical conditions. It is specially designed for patients with heart failure. It can monitor heart rate in real time while measuring blood pressure to detect cardiovascular diseases early. The unique stage deflation measurement function can capture more minute blood flow information, and can measure with less pulse volume. It has strong anti-interference ability and is very suitable for patients and elderly users. Quick measurement in 30 seconds, short compression time, light and thin body, can be handheld for measurement, and wear-resistant metal airbag interface is selected to ensure multiple insertion and removal without damage. Moreover, the product is a qualified medical grade product with guaranteed quality, three-year warranty, nationwide warranty, and worry-free after-sales.

Did you choose the right home sphygmomanometer?  Many people have chosen the wrong one!

For people with elderly hypertensive patients at home, choosing Lepujia arm-type sphygmomanometer can not only bring highly accurate measurement, but also pay attention to the heart at all times, which can better take care of your health.

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