How to choose a household child atomizer? Yiwen teaches you!

Speaking of atomization therapy, I believe that many people are familiar with it. This is a drug delivery method for the treatment of respiratory diseases. It has a rapid onset, small dosage, simple operation, only high local drug concentration, and few systemic adverse reactions. , It is more friendly to children.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people are willing to choose atomized inhalation treatment for their children in the family. One is to avoid queuing in the hospital, and the other is to avoid cross-infection. Advantages such as the cost of medical treatment. Although the atomization treatment in the family saves time, effort and money, how to choose a high-quality household atomizer for children is a difficult problem.

So, how to choose a home child atomizer? Let's take a look together.


1. The scope of application of nebulization therapy

Nebulization treatment is suitable for acute and chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract caused by various reasons, such as laryngitis, bronchiolitis, asthma, rhinitis, pharyngitis, sore throat, cold, bronchitis, cough pneumonia, etc.; or tracheotomy, Children with thick sputum due to the loss of the humidification function of the upper respiratory tract.


2. The principle of atomization inhalation

Atomized inhalation is the sudden decompression of gas through a narrow mouth, and the negative pressure generated locally sucks out the liquid medicine and forms mist particles. It is effective by inhaling directly into the respiratory system through the mouth and nose, which is more efficient than oral/injection.


3. Advantages of nebulization treatment

Targeted drug delivery does not pass through the blood or liver, with high safety and quick effect. Moreover, there is no pain, and the compliance of children is high.


4. Types of atomizers

At present, atomizers in the market can be divided into three types: ultrasonic atomizer, mesh atomizer, and compression pump atomizer according to the size of the particles produced.

(1) Ultrasonic atomizer: The amount of atomization of the ultrasonic atomizer is relatively large, but the atomized particles are also larger, with a diameter of 5-10μm, and the generated droplets are larger and the molecules are heavier. It is only suitable for Upper respiratory tract treatment cannot effectively treat lower respiratory tract diseases. At present, this type of atomizer has been gradually eliminated.

(2) Mesh atomization machine: The mesh atomization machine produces aerosol by impacting the liquid medicine or the liquid is passed through the sieve by the pulsed current to produce aerosol, which can spray downwards, when atomization is not required Posture. This type of atomizer is suitable for a wide range of people, but the price is relatively high.

(3) Compressed nebulizer: The nebulized particles of the compressed nebulizer are relatively small and can be deposited in the lower respiratory tract, peripheral bronchi and alveoli. The sprayer is connected to the mouth or face mask, which can make the medicine directly enter the respiratory tract, especially for infants and young children. About 80% of the medicine mist can be absorbed, and more than half of the medicine drop particles are below 5μm, which is beneficial to the deposition of a large amount of medicine mist in the lungs. It exerts a significant effect, and the drug concentration is high.


Compared with ultrasonic atomizers and mesh atomizers, compressed atomizers are simple to operate, easy to clean, have a long service life, and are relatively cheap. They have better cost performance and are more worthy of family choice. So, what should you pay attention to when choosing a compressed atomizer?


1. Atomization rate

In the process of nebulization treatment, the drug nebulization rate should be kept within a suitable range. If the nebulization rate is too fast, it will cause a large amount of mist. If the child cannot absorb it in time, it will lead to a waste of the drug and also It may cause suffocation. If the atomization rate is too slow and the amount of mist is small, the mist cannot enter the lower respiratory tract of the human body, and the therapeutic effect of respiratory diseases will be greatly reduced.

2. Atomized particle size

Generally speaking, the atomized particles suitable for human absorption are 1-5μm. When the particle diameter of the atomized particles is less than 1μm, they will be exhaled, and they will be deposited in the oropharynx when the particle diameter is larger than 5μm. Therefore, among the atomized particles sprayed by the atomizer, the larger the proportion of 1~5μm atomized particles, the better.

3. Drug residues

The lower the residual amount of medicine in the nebulizer, the higher the utilization rate of the liquid medicine and the higher the performance of the nebulizer. If there is a large amount of liquid medicine, it means that the utilization rate of the liquid medicine is not high, which causes a waste of medicine, and at the same time, a good therapeutic effect cannot be achieved.

4. Working noise

When the atomizer is working, there will be sounds. If the noise is relatively loud, it will affect the mood of the child, and may cause crying, resistance, etc., resulting in poor atomization. When choosing an atomizer, try to choose an atomizer whose noise is less than 60 decibels.

5. Use safety

Atomizer is an electrical product, because it is used by children, the safety of the product must be considered. At the same time, the liquid medicine cup, mouthpiece, and face mask should be in direct contact with the liquid medicine and the child's mouth. Therefore, for children's health, safe and non-toxic materials must be selected.

6. Portability

Choose a small and portable atomizer to ensure that it can be carried at any time for atomization. At the same time, choose the one that is simple and easy to use, which can meet the needs of most users.


At present, there are many brands of compression atomizers suitable for children in the market, such as Omron, Lepu, Yuyue, Bairui and so on. However, I have seen more of those atomizer products with standard appearance, today I recommend a unique atomizer in design: Lepu Jiameng compression atomizer.



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