5 recommended upper arm blood pressure meters, there is always one suitable for you

With the improvement of people's quality of life, more and more attention is paid to family medical care. In the past, people had to go to a clinic or a hospital to measure blood pressure, but now, with a home electronic sphygmomanometer, blood pressure can be measured without leaving the house. Once abnormal blood pressure is found, you can quickly go to the hospital for treatment, which has a great effect on preventing cardiovascular diseases.

However, there are many brands of electronic sphygmomanometers in the market. Many people do not know how to choose. What brand of electronic sphygmomanometer is worth buying? Recommend several brands of upper arm sphygmomanometer with good reputation in the market for your reference.


Lepujia Automatic Arm Sphygmomanometer LBP70D

Lepu Medical has a high reputation in the domestic cardiovascular field. It is a leading domestic high-end medical product industry group for cardiovascular interventional diagnosis and treatment equipment and equipment. Its business covers four major types of medical equipment, pharmaceutical products, medical services and new medical formats. Plate.

Lepu LBP70D uses a 5.2-inch large backlit screen, with cuff self-check function, intelligent voice broadcast function, and the design fully caters to the needs of the elderly. Unique monitor algorithm, arrhythmia display, real-time monitoring of heart rate while measuring blood pressure, can deal with a variety of complex clinical conditions, can escort patients with heart failure and stent surgery. The product is powered by a 2200mAh lithium battery, which is not only economical and affordable, but also effectively avoids environmental pollution from waste dry batteries.

5 recommended upper arm blood pressure meters, there is always one suitable for you


Omron upper arm intelligent automatic blood pressure meter U30

Omron Group is a world-renowned manufacturer of automated control and electronic equipment. The brand's sphygmomanometer product line is very complete, whether it is an upper arm type, a wrist type, an automatic or a semi-automatic electronic sphygmomanometer, there are a variety of styles to choose from.

The Omron U30 blood pressure meter adopts high-definition backlight, the reading is clearer, and has reminder lights, high and low blood pressure warning lights, with memory function and reminder of misoperation. The fly in the ointment is that there is no voice function.

5 recommended upper arm blood pressure meters, there is always one suitable for you


Diving automatic upper arm sphygmomanometer YE666AR

Yuyue Medical has a relatively high proportion in the domestic traditional mercury sphygmomanometer market. In 2010, it entered the electronic sphygmomanometer market and achieved good results. Through brand efforts, it has now been established as a professional service platform covering all medical devices.

Yuyue YE666AR has a large 4.5-inch backlit screen, clear readings, rechargeable and intelligent pressure measurement, with a 360° airbag full coverage cuff, which can collect blood pressure and pulse data completely, supports voice broadcast, and can automatically save 50 measurements. However, this product does not carry high and low blood pressure warnings, so the elderly need to pay more attention.

5 recommended upper arm blood pressure meters, there is always one suitable for you

Panasonic Automatic Arm Sphygmomanometer BU27

Panasonic is a subsidiary of Japan's Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., and its products cover many fields such as home appliances/digital audio-visual electronics/office products/aviation. The brand's sphygmomanometer models are very rich, and each type has a variety of choices.

Panasonic BU27 has a 4.1-inch high-definition large screen, high-definition backlight, high blood pressure warning, human voice, 90 memory data, body movement reminder, but no low-voltage warning.

5 recommended upper arm blood pressure meters, there is always one suitable for you

Nine safety automatic voice upper arm sphygmomanometer KD-5910V

With more than 20 years of development, the Jiu'an brand is the main production base of global blood pressure monitors, with annual shipments reaching the top three in the world. The brand's main upper-arm sphygmomanometer has a unified appearance design and large buttons, which is very friendly to elderly users.

The Jiu’an KD-5910V blood pressure monitor has a 4.4-inch orange backlit large screen, supports intelligent voice broadcast function, intelligent pressure, simple and convenient operation, and has 60 memorized measurement values, which is more suitable for elderly people. However, this model does not have functions such as cuff wearing self-checking and wrong posture prompts.

5 recommended upper arm blood pressure meters, there is always one suitable for you

The above are the recommended arm sphygmomanometers this time. It is recommended to take a field measurement before purchasing. Choose the one that is close to the usual blood pressure value, preferably intelligent, with a monitor algorithm, and stepped deflation. Functional, can improve health protection.

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